As a Real Estate Professional...

You are your Brand!

As a Real Estate Professional you are the CEO of your business.  You know Real Estate sales and listings. We know how to make sure you look like the successful, active Agent you are.

The 4 Steps to Creating
and Defining Your Brand

Your domain name— for example—will be unique; no one else in the world will be able to use it for as long as you want it—which will probably be forever. In consultation with you, we research it, find it and secure it for you.

PLUS… we also renew your domain annually—at no cost to you.

(Once we secure and register your domain it can be redirected to your profile page on your brokerage website or we can set up a landing page at your domain that collects contact information from anyone who visits your site.)

No more looking like an amateur with an email address like You’re a professional in the real estate business. It’s important that your email address reflects that professionalism.

(Prefer to keep using your Gmail, HotMail or Yahoo account? No problem. We can work a bit of magic so that your incoming emails continue to come straight to that inbox; but when you send email to prospective buyers and sellers, it comes to them from your professional email address.)

We start by designing your business cards, using 1) your design preferences, 2) the branding of your brokerage, and 3) the guidelines of your local Real Estate Commission.

Designing your individual brand on something as manageable as a business card is a great first step; applying it later to bigger things like signs and direct mail will be easy.

Once your personal brand is set, it can be applied to all of your marketing going forward (signs, listing flyers, open house swag items, landing pages, a website, social media, etc.). Once your brand is your own, the possibilities are endless.

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